The wife of All That Remains’ Oli Herbert has revealed the cause of the guitarist’s untimely death last month.

Just last month, the world of metal was shocked to learn that All That Remains guitarist and co-founder Oli Herbert had passed away at the age of 44.

The group took to social media to break the news to fans, noting that “Oli was an incredibly talented guitarist and songwriter who defined rock and metal from the Northeast. His impact on the genres and our lives will continue indefinitely.”

While Herbert’s cause of death was not immediately made clear, a statement released through his publicist detailed that he died “unexpectedly as a result of an accident which occurred on the property of his home.”

Now, Oli Herbert’s wife Beth has taken to Facebook to better explain the circumstances of her late husband’s death.

The post sees Beth explaining that Oli Herbert’s official death was by drowning, while noting that depressants and a sleep aid was found in his system.

“Oli was apparently self-treating for manic-depression that has run in his family for several generations,” Beth explained. “The psych meds found in his system were the same ones that a close relative has been prescribed for a long time, so he knew what to hunt down for the ‘treatment’.”

“Seeing how he was not going (and WOULDN’T GO) to a doctor to get diagnosed with the issue and was not being prescribed the medications and monitored on them, it explains his occasional erratic behavior here at home.”

Beth concluded the post by revealing that a planned public memorial for Oli this weekend was cancelled due to a “concern for my personal safety and home due to numerous threats”.

When asked how exactly Oli managed to drown, Beth explained that it was a result of hallucinogenic qualities and restlessness that occurred from the medication he had been taking.

“Oli kept wanting to go outside that night before he disappeared and he kept walking towards the pond, which is a pitch black part of our property as well as very slippery,” she explained.

“Add to that fact that it was raining that evening. Apparently he left the house after I went to bed so I couldn’t stop him and bring him back inside.”

Beth also noted that the investigation into Oli Herbert’s death is “absolutely not” closed, explaining that “we have to find where he got the meds.”


In related news, All That Remains’ frontman Philip Labonte explained in an interview with Loudwire that Jason Richardson of Chelsea Grin and Born Of Osiris will be filling in for Oli Herbert on the band’s upcoming tour dates.

“That’s the dude that Oli would’ve wanted,”Labonte noted. “We toured with Born of Osiris for I think two tours. Oli was always talking about Jason as like that kid is the best guitar player I’ve ever seen. Jason was like 18 at the time, and Oli was like that kid is just insane, he’s the best guitar player I’ve ever seen. So he gets Oli’s approval.”

“We kind of locked that in as soon as we could,” he continued. “As soon as we decided that we’d talked about carrying on, once we decided we were going to, we locked in someone to fill in for this tour we’ve got coming up and then we’re going to look for a permanent replacement.”

“Once we decided we had someone locked in for the tour, then we realized we could take our time to find a permanent replacement, and I know we’ve got stuff planned for 2019, I believe in January, so I’m not sure if Jason would cover for two tours or if we’d find someone for that, but we will be busy next year and we will be filling out the roster with an actual replacement full time All That Remains member.”

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